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Archive for the ‘Astrogrrl’ Category

Happy New Year, and Happy New Moon! I’ve been on a press trip for Destination I Do to Puerto Rico! Saw some epic spots, took a little time off from blogging and working, and wanted to start the year off right with my compatriot, Jan at All resolutions aside, it’s pretty cool that we have a brand new year, new moon, and new eclipse. If you’re a Cap baby like me, you know that that today’s eclipse was in Capricorn. Not being an astrology expert (or even how it particularly affects those in our sign), so I’ll leave it to Astrogrrl to do the ‘splainin. She’ll be showing up on a more regular basis, her readings are entertaining and fun (and make a great gift!). So far, a meteor has not hit our building, and life is pretty good. I’m looking to Astrogrrl and the stars to keep up the good work! To 2011!

New Moons signify rebirth, beginnings, a clean slate, the start of a new cycle. This New Moon occurs on January 4 at 1:03 a.m. PST / 4:03 a. m. EST, is preceded by a partial Solar Eclipse at 12:50 a.m. PST / 3:50 a.m. EST, and highlights Capricorn qualities (ambitious, determined, disciplined, conservative) and 10th house themes (professional pursuits, long term goals, public reputation).

Eclipses are powerfully charged full and new moons (Understanding Eclipses), extending the usual influence of approximately two weeks to a reach of up to six months. A downside to eclipses is the tension in the air as the energy builds up to the eclipse itself. The days approaching an eclipse bring unexpected events or issues that can be disruptive and have long-term effects. Dealing with these unexpected situations require a sensitive touch and wisdom must be applied, even in the midst of chaos and/or uncertainty.

Capricorn is natively ruled by Saturn, who currently transits the relationship sign of Libra, giving us all a reality check when it comes to our relationships. In Capricorn, the Moon is goal-oriented, unemotional, practical, structured, and organized.

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (blending of heart & soul) squares (in conflict) Saturn (realities/restrictions). There may be tough times ahead, but it’s also a period where significant growth (personal, professional or developmental) can result from rising up to meet the challenges this experience may bring your way. Anything worthwhile requires work and commitment, may it be in our professional pursuits, personal life, our relationships, or special projects. It’s Saturn’s job to lift the blinders and show us the reality of our situations, no matter how harsh the truth may be or how restrictive the position we find ourselves in. Saturn also equips us with the resilience, determination and tenacity necessary to get us through the most difficult of times.

Elsewhere in sky on this same day, Jupiter (ideals/opportunities) joins forces with Uranus (radical change/unconventionality), triggering their previous meeting on September 18, 2010 which first ignited on June 8, 2010. Their union now perfects a few hours after the eclipse, is their last conjunction for a long while, and represents wishes being granted. Jupiter holds our ideals, dreams, aspirations while Uranus seeks to improve what’s become stale, no longer functioning as it should or not yielding the intended results.

Jupiter has a way of opening doors or cracking windows for us, while Uranus awakens us to the possibilities and hopefully, perks up our ears and alert our eyes to recognizing when opportunities are being offered. They may not come in the package we expect or are used to so, we definitely need to keep our wits about us. Through Saturn’s influence, we can create a solid foundation for whatever we may be creating/initiating; we can cut through the crap (whether our own or someone else’s) and zero in on how things truly are; we can devise definitive plans and manageable action items to help achieve our goals; we can find the strength deep within us to keep the faith, do the work, in order to receive the reward. The eclipse gives us the swift kick we need to get done whatever it is we need to get done, to shed light on what we may not even know or recognize yet but is necessary in moving forward, or to force us to deal with whatever we may avoiding (consciously or unknowingly).

Those celebrating a birthday during these first 4 days of the new year could very well have an exciting, amazing year ahead! Those with natal planets/house angles in the last degrees of mutable signs (Jupiter-Uranus conjunction); and around 14 degrees of cardinal signs (New Moon/Solar Eclipse) may find the influence of these celestial energies undeniably powerful.

For me, this eclipse squares my natal Moon, opposes my natal Mars and trines my natal Saturn; it falls in my natal 4th house (home/family/parents) and as a Cancer-Sun, falls in my solar 7th house (partnerships). In the months ahead, I may not like what I must do or how I must conduct myself to get the job done and gain the results that I desire. I may want to fight it which will ultimately just make me learn things the harder way. With my natal Saturn triggered in addition to the solar eclipse squaring transiting Saturn, the practical approach might serve me well. My Aries-Moon isn’t always so pragmatic; my Cancer-Sun & Mars are used to moving intuitively; I must, then, lean more on my Virgo-rising to help carry me through the first few months of the new year. It should be interesting what family or relationship-related issues arise. I shall keep you posted.


Jan aka Astrogrrl, is our marriage muse, our bride in the sky who can help you find the best time of year to tie the knot (or not). She’s got the 411 how astral haps affect our lives. Check in with Jan before you plan.


Hey Anti-Brides:
So in response to a few friends of mine who lovingly say ‘I use social media as if I were in a witness protection program,’ or: ‘Babe, you aren’t tweeting enough!’ (not ‘tweeting enough???) but ultimately:

‘You just put an app in the iTunes store, aren’t you going to blog about  it??’

Yup, I think it’s about that time, but I decided to wait until everyone was at happy hour to pop this little nugget up:

Tiny drum roll please: We officially launched the Anti-Bride App yesterday in the iTunes Store, and we are stoked!

Admittedly, I’m not entirely comfortable with self-aggrandizing, (I’ll tweet about anyone else before our app – chalk it up to Catholic school), but I am really happy that:

1. It’s finally finished
2. Apple let it in the store, even though it had too many categories
3. It’s Friday and almost wine-o-clock….

Basically, our app is the blog, downloaded to your iPhone: and it’s free!

Originally, the blog supported the Anti-Bride book series, but over time, I realized that there’s a whole lot of territory to cover outside of W-day (but is still tangential to the wedding world world). As Sr. Editor for Destination I Do Magazine, I love to write about things I think our readers would like to do, from an eat, stay and play perspective, so they can vet the best experiences for themselves. Money’s tight these days, so if someone else can test-drive your overseas adventure for you, all the better!

We love to cover vibrant people: designers, authors, bloggers, chefs, winemakers, musicians, and rabble-rousers. We are interested in trends, movements, and people who stand for something that matters: Katie Martin of Eco-Beautiful Weddings, Jennifer Stein at Destination I Do, Emily Anderson at Good with Style, or Brett Snyder at Cranky Flyer. They fly their flags in different sectors of the Blogosphere, but have distinct and engaging voices that we love…They are influencers and thought leaders because they believe in what they do, and have great ideas on how to do it.

From lifestyle, entertaining, ingenious inventions, sparkly brooches, killer shoes, to twangy guitar bands: its all here, and more…Maybe our blog/ app is not strictly all-wedding, all the time, but it’s a celebration of what we love, channeling our “lust for life,” (to quote Iggy…).

Running a blog is a blast: it’s your thumbprint – a snapshot of your point of view. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded compatriots who share your philosophy, and if you are lucky, sense of humor. It’s also a content beast that needs to be fed every day. Without our team of bloggers (world class experts with wildly successful social communities of their own) I’d be a mad woman. I love them, I rely on them, and I’d be lost at sea without them:

Jennifer Stein: Desto Diva

Brett Snyder: The Cranky Flier

Brandy Gomez Duplessis: Glamogram

Stacy Jill Calvert and Melissa Johns: Two Brides

Autumn Millhouse: Love Vines

Dorothy Polka: Polka Dot Bride

Melissa Comito Aakre: Heavy Petal

Daniel Yaffe: Drink Me

Fleur Bailey: Fleur Adores

Katie Martin: Eco Bride

Ryan Hupfer: Groom with a View

Dr. Mark Savant: Med Wed

Kimberly Aker: Retro Bride

Jan: Astrogrrl

And there would be nothing to download if not for my dear friends, developers and co-pilots at Synappsis.

So if you are so inclined, you can download the app here.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think: bouquets, or brickbats, we’ll take it all! It’s our goal to improve it – we think of it as a grand experiment and adventure, warts and all.

But at the end of the day, we’re damned glad it’s out the door!

Happy Friday!

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