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Brett Snyder


Cranky Flier

Brett Snyder, aka The Cranky Flier, has been a proud airline dork since he was a kid. Starting in college, Brett worked in pricing, sales, and marketing functions for several airlines including America West and United. He has a BBA from The George Washington University and an MBA from Stanford University. Brett’s knowledge and snark has helped propel The Cranky Flier to win several awards including one as a member of the top 50 most powerful blogs in the world. Brett calls Southern California home, where he lives with his wife and dog. Recently married, and a contrarian by nature, Brett can safely say that the Cranky Flier and Anti-Bride have a few things in common…Check out Brett’s new service The Cranky Concierge, your new co-pilot for all things airborne.

Jennifer Stein


Destination Diva

You’ve found your soul mate, fallen in love and are now about to take a trip down the aisle. Where you do it and how you do it is a direct representation of you as a couple. The destination is only half the battle, the other half is the attitude and personality you bring with you on W-day. Just like you, Destination I Do Magazine and The Anti-Bride series met and fell in love. This perfect union speaks to the unique group of traveling couples looking for the off-the-beaten path destinations with a hipster vibe. Destination I Do Magazine is the travel publication for engaged couples and romance travelers and works in indefinite partnership with the Anti-Bride book series to make what they do and how they do it, just a little more unique and interesting. Everything from online social networking (both AB and DID are all over the web – blogs, Facebook, Twitter – you name it, they’re on it) to hyper-chic events at venues like the W French Quarter, to writing, researching and traveling together all over the world to come up with the freshest content this side of the green revolution. If you see DID, you’ll see AB -it’s a marriage made in heaven.

Melissa & Stacy Jill


Two Brides

Melissa Johns
Melissa has a variety of experience that she brings to the Queerly Wed team. Her history includes study of cultures and living abroad in Latin-American countries. She is an activist within the LGBTQ community. An avid cyclist, Melissa participated in the Gay Games VII in three different cycling events and won two silver medals. Melissa is also a life long student of photography, Spanish and is currently studying American Sign Language.

Stacy Jill Jacobs
Stacy is a writer, marketing nerd, and web geek grrl all wrapped up into one package and partner in She is a survivor of the Dot-Com Boom in the late 90’s and worked for several E-Commerce websites including eToys and Ticketmaster. Stacy officially became a professional queer in 2005 when she took a job at Gay Games VII and helped produce the event as the Ticketing Manager. You can catch Stacy on Twitter at @StacyJill or hosting the monthly @TechKaraokeChi.

Autumn Millhouse


Love Vines

Napa native, Autumn Millhouse has combined her love of Wine Country with her passion for travel to compile an indispensable guide to the most enchanting wineries, mouth-watering restaurants and romantic accommodations in Napa Valley. Her newly released book, Romantic Napa Valley: An Insider’s Guide for Couples, takes readers on a tempting stroll through some of California’s most breathtaking countryside. Millhouse puts her third-generation knowledge to good use as she describes out-of-the-way eateries, secret local favorites and of course, her favorite wineries complete with stunning color photographs. Fans of the book include, Food Network Chef, Michael Chiarello, Bob Hurley of Hurley’s Restaurant and Kari Ruel, publisher of Napa Valley Life Magazine. The book is perfect for wine lovers, couples and anyone hoping to visit the wine capital of the world.

Brandy Gomez-Duplessis



Beauty Bar raises the bar when it comes to alterna-bridal beauty. From drug store miracle workers (We Heart Aquaphor) to indestructible eyeshadow (Urban Decay!) we will bring you our road tested tried and true beauty miracles, processes, and products to help you look like the very best version of yourself. Our beloved Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis a native New Yorker who has adopted New Orleans as her home. She has worked with Tyra Banks, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jordin Sparks, TLC, Style Network, WE TV, L’Oreal cosmetics, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, O Magazine and us! We were lucky to work with Brandy on Operation Aisle Style at the W-New Orleans and found her transformative and intelligent approach to beauty, easy style, and wicked humor to be intoxicating. No one does that voodoo like you do, Brandy, and we’ll stay tuned for anything you conjure up!

Katie Martin

Eco Bride

Katie Martin, Editor in chief of Eco Beautiful Weddings online magazine and blog, has over 12 years of experience in teh wedding industry. Based and born in Washington, DC (’s home too!), she is the nation’s leading eco-friendly wedding expert. Eco-Beautiful Weddings is a venture of Elegance & Simplicity Inc, which is Katie’s wedding planning and floral design firm. She and her team of over 35 event planners and floral designers do over 150 eco-friendly events per year. She is the owner of Us Couture Wedding Consortium and the US Green Wedding Consortium. Katie used to be a missionary in the Dominican Republic and loves to travel. She lives with her wonderful husband and cutie patootie son in Silver Spring, Maryland. Her two books are on the shelves now! Katie will be covering all things green in our Eco-Bride department.

Polka Dot Bride

POLKADOT_small2[1]Polka Dot Bride is an Australian wedding blog dedicated to inspiring you to create a beautiful wedding uniquely yours.

In her younger days she collected all kinds of bridal information she’d drag her dad to the photocopier and have him help her photocopy her favourite bits out of bridal magazines. Her collection of bridal magazines is one she is slightly red faced about, but throwing them out would be too painful! She’s always loved what a wedding represents- a big celebration surrounding the love of two people (corny?? maybe). Now as she’s part of the industry she loves the different facets of weddings- the divine couture, stunning papers, delicious food- and who knew there were so many options for a veil? She’s always scouring international sites for the latest in wedding trends and iss continually amazed by the fresh, unique and stylish ideas available. She looks everywhere for inspiration- gardens, books, a beautiful piece of crockery. She’s all for doing things traditionally, but admits there’s a slight touch of anti-bride in her system, and believes that’s more to do with making your wedding unique to you and a heck of a lot of fun! She loves a wedding where the couple shines. The #1 Bridal Blogger in Oz, we are honored to have Ms. Polka Dot as a blogger on our site, and she is our one and only, Aussie Bride.

Melissa Comito Aakre


Heavy Petal

To say that Melissa Comito is merely a florist is like saying the Coco Chanel was a hat designer. Infusing new and eclectic ideas in flowers, design, lighting, décor, table-scapes, point of view, and ambiance, and really getting to the heart of who a couple is, is what Melissa and her company, A Simple Ceremony, does best. Whether you are an eco-chic vegan couple or rock and roll royalty Melissa has the design know how, historical references and the resources to turn on the juice. This wunderkind got her start in Beverly Hills working with celebrities such as Jane Seymour, Bette Midler, Joan Rivers, and Barry Manilow; and companies such as Pixar, and George Lucas. Her work has been featured in several magazines including Martha Stewart and Grace Ormand. Her inspiration comes to her in random ways: a building, a pattern on a skirt, the color of a sunset, a trip to Home Depot, a stack of vintage Tarot cards, a mad scientists laboratory. If you have a dream for an event that must be expressed and created down to the detail, Melissa is the girl for the job like no one we’ve yet seen.



Jan aka Astrogrrl, is our marriage muse, our bride in the sky who can help you find the best time of year to tie the knot (or not). Although she has her head in the stars, she’s also got her feet on planet earth, giving us sage, grounded advice on what’s next. A self-taught astrologer whose curiosity for astrology became a life-long passion, she cast her first birth chart in 1993, and realized she had the gift! Jan believes that although some things in life are fated (like the family we are born into or the color of our skin), our destiny is still very much in our hands through the decisions we make or avoid and actions we take or avoid. Astrology is meant to give insight to help us in our individual journeys. She’s got the 411 how astral haps affect our lives. Check in with Jan before you plan.

Kimberly Manning Aker


Retro Bride

Kimberly Manning Aker is an Interior Decorator in the San Francisco Bay area. She, along with her 2 partners ,Jula and Roberto Isola are show producers for the annual Vintage Clothing and Style Festival. Kimberly adores restoring vintage clothing, and vintage furniture.  She has lived La Vita Retro since the early 80s and has produced many Retro themed events and gives tours and lectures on fashion history and the art and architect of the Bay Area. A former world traveling Gypsy, who once lived in England, the Bahamas, Singapore, France, Hong Kong and New York City she has settled comfortably in the flat lands of Oakland California and is renovating a 1912 house.  She and her husband had a retro wedding and share their passion for La Vita Retro with her many friends and acquaintances (who can be spotted all over the Bay area- and indeed the world!) She does not view La Vita Retro as a “sub culture” but as a life style choice.

Fleur Bailey

Fleur Adore

Fleur hopped over the pond from her home in England three years ago to dabble in all things decadent and delightful in San Francisco. Always on a budget and a self-confessed high-street shopping addict; Fleur strikes gold in finding affordable alternatives to her heart’s desire, living in one of the worlds’ most expensive cities, and wants to share her tips and tricks. Fleur is our resident culture vulture, writing about everything alterna-bridal – and indulging her passion for travel, entertainment, shopping, shows and libations to give life a little more zest. A social-butterfly in the best sense of the word, Fleur has proven that you can have a fun and fabulous lifestyle that definitely need not cost the earth. Every week Fleur will share with you the things she loves that week, be it music, make-up, hot dining spots, booze, bars, new products, you name it. Her list of Fleur Adores will inspire you for any occasion.

Gus Goodall: Tech Bride


Tech Bride

Well if he’s good enough for the Queen of England, we’re certainly honored to have Gus Goodall be a part of the team!, the first UK Army-inspired Internet portal, changed the way the Army, soldiers and their families communicate. The Queen herself honored Gus in a tony little residence known as Buckingham Palace for his contributions, and we knight him Sir Fab-a-lot as well. These days, he’s an award winning WordPress and social community ninja, and serves as principal of He’s the brains behind the beauty of, and community manager. Look for his blog posts for tips, tricks, time saving tips and gadgets for geek girls to make your life a little bit easier.

Ryan Hupfer: Groom with a View


Groom with a view

A self-proclaimed computer nerd stuck in a socialite’s body, Ryan Hupfer is always up for learning about the latest and greatest thing out there and figuring out how to evangelize it across these wonderful interwebs of ours. Whether he’s writing about awesome wedding ideas, writing books about stuff or hanging out and posting on his blog with his best friend (and wife), Stephanie, there’s always something interesting going on in Ryan’s life. As a Midwestern (Indiana) implant to California (San Francisco) a few years ago in 2008, Ryan is now feeling like he’s officially a local, which probably means that he will only be getting into more and more things that are worth telling other people about.